Dragon Gear Guide

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“When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!” 

– Daenerys I Targaryen.

Crafting gear in Game of Thrones: Conquest isn’t just for style; it’s an effective way of boosting your in-game stats. In the past, we’ve given an introductory crash course on how to craft gear in our Introduction to Forging Beginner Gear Guide. Not to mention a Dragon 101 Guide on how to nurture your growing beast. 

Now, with Game of Thrones: Conquest’s new Dragon Expansion, you will be able to further utilize and protect your scaled companions through…

  • Crafting and equipping Dragon Gear!
  • Unlocking an additional Trinket Slot!
  • And investing in the new Dragon Care research tree!

Gear Up

Despite dragons being mighty beasts, they are still incredibly vulnerable, especially to other dragons. Armoring your Dragon can help protect them from harm. Once hatched, you will unlock

3 Dragon Gear slots.

These can be seen on the left side of the screen when viewing your Dragon Pit.

Dragon’s have their own unique forms of armor. These categories are:

Armor Covering the head of the dragon.

Armor and Saddle for the back of the dragon.

Armor covering the chest of the dragon.

Dragon Gear uses a specific crafting material called Valyrian Schematics. 

You can also craft and equip an additional Trinket. This extra trinket slot can be unlocked through researching the ‘Dragon Trinket Unlock’ branch of the Dragon Care research tree in your Maester Tower.

Dragon Care

The Dragon Care research tree will give you access to additional stats to boost your dragon & power. You can unlock these branches once you reach Maester Tower lvl 15, and obtain the required the Dragon Tomes research material.

Highlights of the Dragon Care research tree include:

  • Dragon march size vs Player/Infantry/Cavalry/Ranged
  • Dragon troop attack vs Player/Infantry/Cavalry/Ranged
  • Dragon troop defense vs Player/Infantry/Cavalry/Ranged
  • Dragon troop health vs Player/Infantry/Cavalry/Ranged + Dragon Health Regeneration Rate
  • Dragon Attack vs Dragon

In addition to the stats above, don’t forget you can unlock an additional Trinket Slot for your Dragon Pit. Look for the ‘Dragon Trinket Unlock‘ branch underneath the Dragon Care tree, or tap the locked trinket icon on the right of your Dragon Pit screen to go directly to the required research.

Once unlocked, this slot allows you to equip an additional trinket from your inventory to empower your army further. Choose wisely!


The Dragon Gear feature launched alongside a full set of Dragon Gear:

Dragon Keeper’s Gilded Barding.

Dragon Gear releases one piece at a time, typically on a monthly cadence.


  • Valyrian Schematics are used to craft Dragon gear and can be obtained through events, daily quests, and the store.
  • Dragon Tomes are required to complete Dragon Care research. They can be obtained through events, daily quests, and the store.
  • An extra Trinket slot can be unlocked through the ‘Dragon Trinket Unlock’ branch of the Dragon Care Research tree. It requires your Maester Tower to be lvl 15, standard research materials, dragon research materials, and Dragon Tomes