Player Council Spotlight: Crystal

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Greetings, everyone! I’m DanDan, an Assistant Community Manager here at Warner Bros. Games Boston. As a part of the Community team, I work with many individuals on the developer and player side of the GoT:C world, but most importantly, with our Player Council!

Our Player Council is a diverse group of players, composed of unique individuals who have shown exemplary ability to give constructive feedback, communicate broader player base perspectives, and are dedicated to helping other players within the community. 

Given the Council’s role in communicating player experiences and expectations, they’ve helped represent the player voice for many hot topic features, like Preset Managers, Stake Your Claim, and Battlegrounds! Their understanding and passion for the game has pushed for high value changes, such as a new hero for ToTN, and better account deletion button placement to name a few.

Our Player Interview series aims to spotlight our Council members to reveal more about just who they are, and perhaps even illuminate the path for readers like you to apply for Court/Council!

For the next installment of our player interview series, we’ve chosen a very vocal and experienced member of our Council: Crystal! An authentic, discerning player with a heart of gold, Crystal is always one to weigh in on discussions with a poignant thought and collaborative attitude. To find out more about Crystal’s experiences within the community, as well as the role she plays as a member of our player council, read on to her interview!

Q1.  What got you into GoT:C?

Crystal: This is rather embarrassing. I was scrolling on instagram and an ad for Game of Thrones: Conquest kept appearing. It looked like a new age tamagotchi. 

I finally caved in because I wanted a tamagotchi dragon. I had read all the books and for some reason, I thought it made sense with how Daenerys and the Starks were mentally linked to their animals. 

If you’re reading this, you know it’s not a tamagotchi dragon. After the initial shock that I would not possess a tamagotchi dragon, I made friends and had some great teachers, so here I am today.

Q2.  What troop type do you main, and what are your levels?

Crystal: I am a cavalry player. I love my little T11 ponies. I would love to be able to craft them a pretty tiara (hint hint, nudge nudge gear designers). Jokes aside, 

I’m always constantly striving to improve my account. I view my growth more as a marathon than as a race. I try not to set unreal expectations, and proceed in that manner.

Q3. What does being an ambassador mean to you? Are there any features you’ve felt particularly passionate about?

Crystal:  When I initially applied to be a member of the ambassador program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was nervous. Was constructive criticism welcome? What if I say the wrong thing?

Being an ambassador has been such a great experience and it’s such a wonderful opportunity. Everyone is really amazing and it’s such a safe and productive environment. We often discuss different game features, while bringing different perspectives to the table, in a fun, probably nerdy way. This is fundamental in keeping the game play dynamic for all of its players.

I can’t choose specifically one feature that I am specifically passionate about. I appreciate that all features have the player’s gameplay at heart, and are as such, constantly evolving. I am, however; curious to see the plans for post-Stake Your Claim kingdoms and how the new dragon gear will affect gameplay.

Q4.  What kind of player would you categorize yourself as? A conqueror, a collector…

Crystal: This is rather a difficult question to answer. I enjoy setting personal goals and attaining them; yet, I also enjoy helping others do the same. As savage as this may sound, I really do enjoy a good PVP. There’s nothing quite like getting out some aggression by slaughtering virtual troops haha. At the end of the day, among these options, I would consider myself more of an Educator.

Q5. What is your current allegiance, and how long have you been with them?

Crystal: I’ve been in my kingdom for about 6 months now. We are one of the first SYC kingdoms. Leaving old allegiances behind and moving forward hasn’t been easy. Kingdom 1269 is definitely a ride, and I’m so thankful for my VILE peeps and new friends.

Q6. What has been your greatest win in-game? What about your greatest loss? 

Crystal: Back in kingdom 337, when the Reach unlocked, I raced for Highgarden and WON! It was so exciting, until it was attacked for hours on end. We managed to hold strong. To this day, it’s still my favorite paramount.

In terms of greatest loss, I don’t consider a defeat a loss, I see it as a starting point. We’ve all had those reports “no troops returned home”. Laugh it off, set some goals, work on your account and come back stronger. It can be extremely motivating to lose.

Q6. Any shoutouts you want to make?

Crystal: There are a number of people who have impacted my game play and have helped shape the player that I am today. I’m nervous that I’ll forget someone and never live it down haha. With that being said, drum roll please… Alphabetical order: DB, Carter, Dora, Fessik, Hate, Jermayne, Rando, Seas, and Vamps. Thank you to everyone who I’ve been able to share a good laugh with. And I’d love to do a small shout out to the LA Group.

Thank you for joining us, Crystal! Your passion and clever perspectives have served you well in your time on the Council.

And of course, thank you to our readers! While our community can be quite large, it’s the opportunities we have to chat with you 1:1 that leave the best memories and times. If you enjoyed reading this interview and are interested in seeing how things fair on the other end of Westeros, check out Sitri’s Developer Team Interview Series. It’s a great chance to learn even more about how our individual teams work together to incorporate your feedback into the game.

Do you have a passion for GoT:C? Feedback for the game? Or maybe find out more about the Court and the Council? Join our Discord today! We look forward to talking with you there.