3rd Discord Anniversary

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Today, April 20th, marks the third anniversary of the Official Game of Thrones: Conquest Discord! We are honored to have such a fantastic community and couldn’t have reached this milestone without your support. We want to stress how much this Discord has changed how development is done within our Studio. It has been a privilege to interact with all of you and change how our game runs. Here are some accomplishments from the last year that were directly affected by our Discord!  


Stake Your Claim  

Stake Your Claim was a heavy feedback-centric feature. While we worked on the technical side, we consistently monitored Discord to see what you all were thinking. Every update post was met with a flurry of ideas and further feedback that we could turn into actionable items for our newest part of the Kingdom Lifecycle.

War of the Eight Kingdoms  

The idea for a KvK Tournament was a consistent idea that we’d seen time & time again! With that, we were able to create a fun and exciting event based on the needs that were requested! Maybe one day we can revisit Tournament Style KvKs. 

The Official Game of Thrones Fan Convention  

We had the incredible opportunity to take some Discord Ambassadors to the Official Game of Thrones Fan Convention! We had discussions, in person, about where the game was heading. Issues Ambassadors were experiencing and what they thought about the current meta. This would never have happened if we hadn’t created the Ambassador Program on this Discord!

QoL Improvements  

Last but not least, we have added countless Quality of Life Improvements due to Player Reporting and Feedback. Gear Deconstruction and the ability to convert your excessive poor material chests into Assorted Poor Crafting Material Chests are two of our most extensive requests from last year.

We’ll stop it here, but we only want to stress that you guys made all of this possible and we are super excited to see what this year has in store for us. 

In celebration of our 3rd Anniversary, and the current Jon Snow: The Wolf Reborn arc, we are releasing new emotes of the ultimate companion, Ghost. Head over to our official Community Discord now to check them out for yourself! 

Thank you all again for being a part of the Game of Thrones : Conquest Community.