Test Your Mettle Updates – November 2023

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NOTE: Players must update their game to experience Test Your Mettle as intended.

Test Your Mettle Returns the weekend of November 18th, 2023! Read on to learn more about…

  • An addition made to the event based on your feedback!
  • Participating kingdoms for November!

What is Test Your Mettle?

Test Your Mettle (TYM) is a combat event focused on claiming Seats of Power (SoP) to earn points over time. There are two key elements that set TYM apart from other PvP combat events:

  • Neutral Ground – All combat will occur on Neutral Kingdoms created for this event only. Neutral Kingdoms can also have unique event buffs active.
  • Keep-Bracketed Competition – Your Keep Level determines what Neutral kingdom you can teleport to, meaning combat will only occur between similar-level keeps. Players must reach Keep Level 19 to participate in a bracket.

While this event does not dissolve your home kingdom Allegiances, it does prioritize solo combat. Rallies and Allegiance Reinforcements are disabled on Neutral Kingdoms.

Check out the full Test Your Mettle Event Guide here or the video below for more info.

Event Update – Free Advanced Teleports

Players participating in Test Your Mettle this weekend can expect a new feature!

While on a TYM Neutral Kingdom’s combat map, players can now make use of a free Advanced teleport every 30 minutes. The teleport confirmation menu has been updated to display a timer while the free Advanced Teleport is on it’s 30 minute cooldown. While on cooldown, players can still choose to use or purchase an Advance Teleport from their inventory rather than wait for the free teleport.

❗Players must update their game to be able to use these advanced Test Your Mettle teleports. ❗

Participating Kingdoms 

We’ve heard some requests regarding participating kingdoms for Test Your Mettle, and how these are determined. Unlike what we’d refer to as “paired” kingdom events, TYM has fewer restrictions in place for participation, most noticeably that TYM can handle quite a lot of variation in the number of kingdoms included, unlike something like War for The Throne or Stake Your Claim.

Below are the kingdoms participating in Test Your Mettle on November 18th, 2023.

Group 1:
1416, 1461, 1468

Group 2:
1467, 1469, 1462

Group 3:
1431, 1432, 1433, 1434, 1435, 1436, 1437, 1438, 1443, 1444, 1445, 1446, 1447, 1448, 1449, 1450,1454, 1455, 1456, 1457, 1458, 1459, 1460, 1463, 1464, 1465, 1466, 1470, 1471, 1472

Please note that event start times have a slight stagger depending on your kingdom group. Check your in-game event panel for exact event times.

Don’t see your kingdom listed?

Test Your Mettle is intended for kingdoms that have already completed their initial SOP/Region unlocks. Kingdoms that have recently undergone a Kingdom Merge or Stake Your Claim event (within 2 weeks) will be excluded from this event.

We will announce if a kingdom ever has to be excluded due to competitive requirements, which is most often due to one kingdom being significantly older or younger than other participants, and there not being enough similar kingdoms to create a new grouping. We anticipate exclusions being rarer as we now avoid Months of Migration.

So going forward, if you meet this criteria you can assume you will be included, unless an announcement is made for the exceptions listed above.