Test Your Mettle – Event Guide

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“The Iron Throne is mine by rights. All those who deny that are my foes.” 

— Stannis Baratheon

Today we are walking through Test Your Mettle- an event that uses Stake Your Claim technology and familiar keep level bracketing from Strategic Terrain to create a novel Seat of Power combat experience!  

Read on to learn more about:

  • What to expect from a Test Your Mettle event.
  • How to best prepare for battle.
  • And more!

What is Test Your Mettle?

Test Your Mettle (TYM) is a combat event focused on claiming Seats of Power (SoP) for those who have reached Keep level 19 and above. Two key elements set a TYM event apart from other PvP combat events:

  • Neutral Ground – All combat will occur on Neutral Kingdoms created for this event. Neutral Kingdoms can have unique event buffs active.
  • Keep-Bracketed Competition – Your Keep Level determines what Neutral kingdom you can teleport to, meaning combat will only occur between similar-level keeps.

While this event does not dissolve your home kingdom Allegiances, it does prioritize solo combat. Rallies and Reinforcements will be disabled on your Neutral Kingdoms. However, you will still be able to reinforce your own SoP. 

Note: Cross Kingdom Titles have been disabled for TYM. Holding a SOP/title from your home kingdom does not apply any stat benefit on neutral kingdoms.

An allegiance could be spread across multiple kingdoms depending on their keep levels, and only the player who currently holds an SoP can accrue points. There are no Allegiance Leaderboards for this event.  
If you have not participated in SoP combat before, check out our Seat of Power Overview!

Event Specific Terms & Definitions


There are several steps you can take in advance of a Test Your Mettle event to prepare. 

Ready your troops!

To take a Seat of Power, you must defeat all troops reinforcing the seat and reduce its Wall Health to 0%. 

  • Train your highest-tier Infantry, Range, or Cavalry troops to defeat reinforcements.
  • Train Siege Troops to reduce Wall Health.

Gear Up & Take Action!

Set up your loadouts in advance to save time in the heat of battle:

  • Prepare your Presets (Gear, March, Hero Reserves)
  • Ready your Gear for SoP combat!
  • Don’t neglect stat boosts, such as Hero Collection Actions, that help with SoP combat. 
  • Check your inventory for Boosts too! You can craft useful recipes like the 8-hour 5th March Slot recipe or activate boosts you already have from within your Inventory menus.

Take Your Stance

Now that your house is in order and the Test Your Mettle event has begun, it is time to prepare for SoPs to unlock! 

  • Teleport to your Neutral Kingdom (through the Teleport button within the TYM event.)
  • Once on the Neutral Kingdom, Teleport your Keep close to a Seat of Power and wait until the lock timer runs out and combat begins. 
    • Make use of the free Test Your Mettle advanced teleports every 30 minutes! The teleport confirmation menu will display a timer while the free Advanced Teleport is on it’s 30 minute cooldown. However, you can still choose to use or purchase an Advance Teleport from your inventory rather than wait for the free teleport.
  • Neutral kingdoms may have beneficial buffs you’ll want to use – for example, due to Dragon Health Regeneration buffs, your dragon will heal more quickly on a neutral Kingdom.  
  • Buff stats will vary based on your Keep Level Bracket, but across all neutral kingdoms, you should expect to see the following:
    • March Size vs Seats of Power
    • Troop Attack vs Seat of Power
    • Troop Defense vs Seat of Power
    • Dragon Health Regen Rate
    • March Speed vs Seats of Power
    • Wounded Capacity
    • Healing Speed
    • Healing Cost Efficiency
    • Seats of Power Reinforcement Capacity Debuffs ( 1 – 5 Stars )
    • Kings Landing Reinforcement Capacity Debuff

If you want to dive further into SoP Combat, read on further in our Seat of Power Overview.

The Battle Begins

Once the timer on the Neutral Kingdom SoPs ticks down to zero, they will unlock, and combat can begin.  Players who successfully claim an SoP on the Neutral Kingdom will begin to accrue points. These points are granted automatically, so you do not need to declare anything to receive them manually. 

The Star Level of your SoP determines the number of points awarded.

  • 5 star SoPs +9000 points per minute
  • 4.5 star SoPs +8100 points per minute
  • 4 star SoPs +7200 points per minute
  • 3.5 star SoPs +6300 points per minute
  • 3 star SoPs +5400 points per minute
  • 2.5 star SoPs +4500 points per minute
  • 2 star SoPs +3600 points per minute
  • 1.5 star SoPs +2700 points per minute
  • 1 star SoPs +1800 points per minute

Note that the event leaderboards may take a moment to update after points are awarded.


This event is broken down into several rounds of combat, each followed by a rest period where SOPs will lock.

Players holding an SoP can continue to sit and accrue points uncontested during a rest period for a maximum of 1-hour. If a rest period goes over the 1-hour mark, players will be evicted from their held SoPs on the neutral kingdom, and preparation for the next rounds of combat can begin.

Note: The Night’s Watch seats along The Wall are not included in the TYM event and will not unlock.

If you decide to use the Kingdom Teleport back to your Home Kingdom during one of these breaks or at any point during the event, please note that there will be a 30-minute cool down before you can use the Kingdom Teleport again. All forms of PvP combat will be disabled on your home Kingdom during the event, this includes Vs Keep & Vs SoP.

When the Dust Clears

The timer on the TYM event within the Events panel indicates when the event will end. Once this timer reaches zero, Players will be evicted from any Seat of Power they occupy in the Neutral Kingdom and automatically teleported back to their Home Kingdom. 

Event rewards will be mailed out based on your final ranking in the event bracket. The six different reward brackets are determined by the same Keep Level Brackets that determine which Neutral Kingdom you teleported to.

Next Steps

This new event is part of an initiative to increase accessibility to SoP combat for different-level players. As mentioned, we utilized some new tools (Stake Your Claim tech) and old community favorites (Strategic Terrain Keep bracketing). We also wanted to indulge player requests for more opportunities for cross-kingdom engagement.

The devs will be watching the #events channel in our official community Discord, so let us know your thoughts.  We love including you all in the development journey and leveraging your feedback to build an enjoyable experience!

Thanks for reading and for playing Game of Thrones: Conquest. We’ll see you on the battlefield!