House of the Dragon Event Preview – Heirs of the Dragon

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In the ancient halls of Harrenhal, the Great Council of 101 AC convenes. Summoned by King Jaehaerys I, the assembly of nobles from across Westeros faces a monumental decision: choosing an heir to the Iron Throne. Amidst fervent debate, the council appoints Viserys I, sealing the fate of the realm and setting forth the chain of events that lead to the Dance of Dragons.

Starting on May 13th, House of the Dragon events, rewards, and surprises will be coming to Game of Thrones: Conquest! We gave you a preview of what you can expect to see in the next few months from our May blog, however we’re now ready to dive into all of the details. Let’s get ready for House of the Dragon’s Season 2 premiere on June 16th, streaming on Max!

New Mini-Arcs

Play as you watch! In addition to our monthly event arcs, which feature our normal cadence of new gear sets and heroes, House of the Dragon themed mini-arcs will be available for you to play. With each running for 2 weeks, the first 3 Mini-Arcs will recap the events of Season 1 and the last 4 will relate directly to the episodes that will air for Season 2. By participating in the Dragon Training and Hero Power events within each Mini-Arc, you will earn exclusive rewards!

The first Mini-Arc, Heirs of the Dragon, will go live on May 13th!

Spoiler Considerations

We’ve made some considerations with our Mini-Arcs to help you avoid any spoilers while you’re watching Season 2 of House of the Dragon and playing Game of Thrones: Conquest.

  • The Mini-Arcs will be in a separate event panel, so you don’t need to see them until you’re ready.
  • The events covered in the event descriptions will be staggered, so if you miss an episode on Sunday, there won’t be plot points that will be shared in-game a day after.
  • The event descriptions and art will be broadly related, but won’t reveal specific details about what’s happening in each episode

New Rewards and Cosmetics

Participating in the new Mini-Arcs (consisting of Hero Power and Dragon Training events) and completing your Daily Quests will earn you exclusive rewards throughout the House of the Dragon celebration! Let’s go over each reward and how you can earn them.

Syrax and Caraxes Hero Cards

Participate in Hero Power events and complete your Daily Quests to earn Hero Relics for Syrax and Caraxes, the legendary dragons ridden by Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen!

Syrax slots into your Small Council as the Master of Coin and its stats focus on Ranged Combat. Caraxes is a March focused hero who will boost your Cavalry troops.

Dragon Whelp March Pawns

Participate in Dragon Training events to earn Pawn Shards for the new Dragon Whelp March Pawn! If you complete all 7 Dragon Training events within the 7 Mini-Arcs, you’ll earn enough Pawn Shards to unlock all of its variants.

Dragon Egg March Pawns

Participate in the new monthly Dragon Egg Gifting events, titled Dragon’s Delight, to earn Pawn Shards for the new Dragon Egg March Pawn!. If you complete all 3 Dragon Egg gifting events happening in May, June, and July, you’ll earn enough Pawn Shards to unlock all of its variants.

Dragon and Banner Customizations

Unlocked automatically in 3 batches on May 23rd, June 20th, and July 18th, over 140+ Dragon and Banner Customizations will be coming to Game of Thrones: Conquest! This includes:

  • 21 New Dragon Colors
  • 12 New Dragon Eye Colors
  • 11 New Dragon Horn Styles
  • 2 New Dragon Scale Patterns
  • 7 New Banner Sigils
  • 23 New Banner Backgrounds
  • 43 New Banner Colors

Visual Overhaul

While you’re playing the new House of the Dragon events, you may notice some visual differences. We’ve ported you back in time to Westeros during the Targaryen reign, so your city buildings, Combat Map, and Seats of Power will be historically reflected. There’s a lot of fun visual Easter Eggs to find. Let us know if you’ve found them all while playing!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of the House of the Dragon content coming to Game of Thrones: Conquest! Be sure to tune into the Season 2 premiere of House of the Dragon on June 16th, streaming on Max. If you like this preview or have opinions on how it could be improved, visit us on Discord and post your feedback!