Boost Center & Buffs

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The Boost Center is designed to provide you with a single, central location that will allow you to access all the key consumable boosts that you might need to play Game of Thrones: Conquest. Before every major battle, you’d be well-advised to check in here and make sure you’re taking advantage of all the resources available to you.

Navigating the Boost Center

First things first: In order to use the Boost Center, just click on the Boost Center icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, seen here:

Tapping this icon will take you to the Boost Center, which looks something like this:

The boosts are broken up into four categories: Security, War, Resources, and Development.

There’s only one Security boost: the Peace Shield. These are critically important boosts, as they prevent your Keep from being attacked. Peace Shields can’t be used when you’re in the process of attacking another player, and they can be a little hard to come by, so make sure you plan carefully when to use them—it can often be best to save them for PvP event weekends! See our Events Window guide and our My City is Under Siege guide for more on Peace Shields and how to use them.

War Boosts all give you bonuses to fight certain kinds of battles—things like Attack or Defense Boosts, or more complicated Boosts like “March Speed vs. Creature” Boosts. These are all designed to help you win battles! You can find them in packs as well as getting them as rewards for Allegiance purchases or quests. Plan carefully!

Resource Boosts help you to accumulate resources faster. You can use Resource Boosts on particular buildings like Farms or Stone Quarries, or you can Boost all your resource gathering, depending on the Boosts you have available. It can be especially effective to use these at times when you’re going to be playing for a couple of hours, to make sure you’re harvesting all those extra resources.

Development Boosts allow you temporary access to a second or third builder, or a second or third Maester. Without using a Development Boost, you can only have one building or research project in process at a time. Using a “Second Builder” Boost lets you construct or upgrade two, or even three buildings at a time. These are less important early on in the game when building upgrades go by quickly, but when upgrades start taking longer than 24 hours, having a second builder running at the same time can be extremely helpful. Be sure to do the math to make sure you’re getting as much usage as possible out of your 2nd or 3rd Builder or Maester!

Other Buffs

While the Boost Center gives you access to consumable buffs and boosts, remember that they’re not the only types of buffs available! There are a few other key buffs that you can find elsewhere.

  • Event Buffs. Keep an eye on the Events button in the top left to make sure you know what events are active! You can tap on each one to get a list of the buffs and bonuses that are active for players in your Kingdom during the event.
  • Region/Seat of Power buffs. On the map screen, you can click the “Information” button on your Keep to see what bonuses are provided to you based on the region you’re located in, and the Seats of Power your allegiance controls. Keep an eye out for when the Seat of Power changes hands, as you only receive those buffs if the Seat of Power is controlled by a member of your Allegiance! Check our Navigating the Map guide for more information.
  • Granted titles. These are given to you by your Liege if they own a Seat of Power that has titles to give. You can check them out in your character screen by tapping on your avatar on the top left.

Tip: You can always look at your stats screen to get a birds-eye view on the total buffs you might have for any given stat. Our Viewing and Understanding Stats guide has more information.

With this information you should have all the information you need to boost the efficacy of your forces in battle. Carefully plan your boosts before you go into combat, and make sure you’re prepared!