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As you spend more time in the Seven Kingdoms, you’ll frequently find that scheduled Events going on which allow you to collect resources, gear, and other bonuses. Learning which Events to participate in, and how to participate in them, is key to becoming a more advanced player.

Events are one of the best ways to farm unique crafting resources, as well as frequently offering rewards for activities you’re likely to participate in anyway. Knowing which events are going on, and which ones are coming up, is a critical skill to develop early.

How to check the calendar

First things first: If you want to check the Events Calendar to see what Events are currently happening and which ones are coming up, just click on the Events button near the top of your screen:

Once you’re there, this will take you to the Events Window:

In this screen, currently running Events are listed on the top, based on how long they are scheduled to continue running. Upcoming Events are listed at the bottom based on their start time.

You can click on the individual event box to see more information about how to participate in the Events, as well as what the rewards are.

At the bottom are the bonuses that apply during the Event, and the description includes a list of some of the featured rewards as well as what they’re used for.

Other events will have Leaderboards, and you can be rewarded for both your individual performance as well as the performance of your Allegiance.

Click your way around! Remember that you can tap on almost anything in the Events screen to learn more about it.

What Events to look out for

There are two reasons to keep an eye on the Events calendar.

The first and most obvious reason is to prepare to participate yourself and to earn rewards. Event rewards are one of the most consistent ways to earn advanced crafting materials, gear, and other resources that you’ll need to compete at the highest level. For many resources, Event rewards are the only tool you have at your disposal to gather them without purchasing. Dragon Lore is a good example—it’s a critical resource to level up your Dragon, but outside of Dragon-themed events and Daily Quests, Events are the only way to gather Dragon Lore without purchasing packs from the store.

There’s another reason to keep an eye on the Events calendar, though…it lets you predict when other players might attack your Keep!

Most of the time, playing carefully is enough to prevent your Keep from coming under attack by other players. The only benefit other players might get from attacking you would be to destroy your troops or to steal your resources; if you can ensure that the resources outside of storehouse protection is managed properly and keep from drawing any unwanted attention, other players typically won’t have much reason to attack you.

All this can change if there is a PvP event going on!

PvP events provide rewards and incentives for players to go on the offensive and look for other players to attack, where to ensure a spot on the Leaderboard or to gather special resources that might not otherwise be available. When a PvP event is going on, no one is safe!

Careful players who don’t want to engage in PvP would be wise to check the calendar for upcoming PvP Events, and save up their Peace Shields (also called Bubbles) to use during the duration of the event!

For more information, keep an eye out for our PvP guide!

That’s our Events Window guide. Make sure to check out our Events Overview guide for a detailed schedule and information about most of the events that you’ll find in Game of Thrones: Conquest.