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Types of Events

There are an abundance of different event types in Game of Thrones: Conquest, but by knowing what to look out for & understand the general flow of the events you can better prepare yourself to be ready for what’s to come. For information on how to check current & upcoming events, see our Events Window guide.

Interactive Gameplay Events

There are a handful of events that feature key gameplay changes which allow you to interact with your Allegiance members or Kingdom opponents in different ways.


Kingdom versus Kingdom is a rare event that connects your own kingdom with another of a similar age and development level. You’re able to port to the enemy kingdom and usurp their Seats of Power! You’re unable however to attack players of your own kingdom for the duration. This offers unique opportunities to partner and strategize with people you normally wouldn’t and test your strengths versus new players. This typically only occurs once or twice within a specific kingdom’s lifespan.


During a rebellion, Seats that are normally locked open for battle, giving smaller Allegiances the chance to gain ground by overwhelming those in power whilst they are spread thin defending on multiple fronts. These are also rare & generally come alongside KvK events.


Player versus Player events give you points & rewards for wounding or killing enemy troops & sometimes even for healing your soldiers after those fights. These also normally come with helpful boosts to wounded capacity and troop stats. Aside from providing these helpful benefits, it muddies the waters of typical Allegiance SoP strategy, bringing with it new motivations for offensive maneuvering. You can typically expect one once every two to three weeks, coinciding with weekend SoP openings.

Dead to Wounded

During this event, the Red Priests of R’hllor offer their blessings upon your troops and all troops that would have been killed in battle are instead only wounded. You gain higher wounded medic tent capacity as well to house them. Be careful though, if your tents are filled any unfortunate souls who are wounded with nowhere to go will perish. These events coincide with PvP about once a month.

Strategic Terrain

These “node events” are often a player favorite! They limit gameplay to One vs One play at your specific troop tier only. This offers unique opportunities to test your strength by boxing at your own weight class. These are peppered into the events schedule sporadically throughout the month.

The Wall

Every so often the Night’s Watch castles that guard the Wall to the North unlock. These King-of-the-Hill games offer rewards for taking and holding the castles based on the amount of time you’re able to keep them. These typically come once every month or two & occur over regular weekend SoP openings.

World Boss

As the threat of the white walkers looms north of the wall, so too does the threat of a World Boss. These events offer the opportunity for your Alliance & the Kingdom as a whole to rally & fight one common enemy. These are extremely rare & may occur only once in a year’s time.

The Great Hunt

Much more often, the opportunity to go on hunting trips with your Allegiance occurs. During these events you are able to rally strong creatures with your teammates to take down bigger game than you would be able to alone, giving plentiful rewards. These events are normally during weekdays and happen typically two to three times a month.

Keep Improvement Events

The key to improving your gameplay lies in taking advantage of the multitude of events offered to stretch your materials further. Patience and planning go a long way.


These come along once every week or two and offer rewards for each new building upgrade & enhancement started within your keep during the event. Be sure to plan out any large buildings or enhancements to start when these are active to make the most of your investments. See our Advanced Building guide for more details on how to make the most of your builds.

Events that offer rewards for building are marked by the hammersymbol:


In a similar cadence to Building events, these offer rewards for any troop training finished during the event. If you are planning to train large numbers of troops to replenish or establish your military, it’s best to wait for these events to make your resources go farther. See our Managing your Military guide for more details on how to optimize your training.

Events that offer rewards for training are marked by this symbol:


The third in the same cadence & spirit, Research events also give the opportunity for your investments to stretch farther through rewards gained for any started during the event.

See our Advanced Research guide coming soon for more details on optimizing your research.

Events that offer rewards for research are marked by this symbol:


These aren’t quite as often as the three above, but in the same spirit they further the benefits you get from starting expeditions. See more on expeditions in our Advanced Research guide coming soon.

Events that offer rewards for expeditions are marked by this symbol:


Once a month, new Event Gear sets & matching Trinkets are released that specialize in different aspects of gameplay. These events typically consist of a combination of Creature Farming events for the new gear advanced materials, recipes, and forging in tandem. Roughly once a month, past season gear advanced material caravans are released with the same set of events to farm & craft previously released gear. For more information on materials & crafting, see our Farming Resources & Advanced Gear Forging & Armory guides.

Events that offer rewards for forging are marked by this symbol:

Coinciding events that offer rewards for creature farming are marked by this symbol:


Every week or two you will see Dragon events coming. These you can gain rewards for basically anything you do to nurture your dragon. Feeding, Upgrading, and starting Research for your beast will gain you points during this event. See more on researching and nurturing in our Dragon 101 & Dragon Talents & Research guides.


Every week or two you will see Hero events, offering Oaths, Relics & Experience for investing XP to level up and upgrading your Heroes star levels.

Events that offer rewards for levelling heroes are marked by this symbol:


About once a month you will see an event specifically for Praying at your Shrine & sending gifts gained from prayers containing resources to other players. It is best to save up any extra prayers you have & hold onto any of these gifts for these events.


Basic resources and materials for building and researching have weekly events that allow you to gather, farm, & stockpile for your specific needs. For more information see our Farming Resources guide.

Events that offer bonuses when farming basic resources are marked by these symbols:

Events that offer special caravans for farming building & research materials are marked by these symbols:


These can be components of other events that give you special event materials which you can use to trade for other game materials and tools, normally combined with different coins that can be gained through event rewards. These recipes often change and adapt to the player’s needs and adjust for kingdom balance so pay attention to the details and be sure to think strategically and use your coins wisely.

Events that are purely recipe driven are marked by this symbol:

Iron Bank

Every so often an event will occur that grants you additional gold for gold purchased through the store. These are opportune times to get more out of your normal purchases!

General Event Tips

KvK Competitions

Aside from the specific Kingdom vs Kingdom event that we talked about above, there will be additional opportunities to compete as a team with other Kingdoms! These offer greater rewards as the pool is larger.

These events are marked by this symbol:

Event Buffs

Rewards are not the only benefit to taking advantage of events. Most offer additional buffs during the event to help you progress. These buffs can be significant and the effects can last up to a month! Keep an eye on these to better understand your strengths and weaknesses to opponents during this time. You can view active event buffs by checking your boost center.

Additional Recipes

A good number of events (aside from Recipe events themselves) offer unique recipes to help you gain resources and boosts toward advancing in the event and in building your keep. If offered they will be listed in the event window under a separate Recipe tab.

You can find a list of all active and upcoming recipes in your inventory under the recipes tab there as well:

Seat of Power Openings

Each weekend, all  and select higher level Seats unlock and are vulnerable to being taken by other players. This is the most active time for gameplay & presents opportunities for Allegiances to hold new seats uncontested for long stretches of time to take advantage of their titles and regional bonuses.

Check our Seats of Power guide for more information on the cadence of unlocking and which Seats could be useful to you.

Schedule of Events Overview

Weekly Events

Below is a recap of the consistent events you can expect each week:


  • King’s Justice – Recipe Event


  • Scholarly Fragment Caravans


  • Brick Caravans
  • Stone Gathering


  • Pale Steel Caravans
  • Wood Gathering


  • Soldier Pine Caravans
  • Food Gathering


  • Seats of Power unlocking – all
  • Iron Gathering


  • Seats of Power unlocking – select  and up!


  • Seats of Power locking – all and up!

Holiday Events

Look out for Special Events or unique themes around the holidays!

As you can see, almost anything you do in the game to build yourself up can be maximized through taking advantage of events! Make sure to prepare in advance for these (saving building materials like Bricks , and Keystone for building events, stockpiling research materials and RSS to do expensive research during research events, etc) so you can take your investments further. Thanks for reading our Events Overview guide. Please share it with members of your Allegiance to help others take the guesswork out of events.