Lessons from my First Month in Game of Thrones: Conquest

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Hi everyone- I’m Sitri, the newest Community Management Intern working on Game of Thrones: Conquest!

I joined the team recently and have had a whirlwind past few weeks learning the ins and outs of Game of Thrones: Conquest.

Over the next few months I’ll be learning all I can about the game and about all the wonderful members of the community so I can share your feedback with the development team and create some interesting content for you all along the way!

First and foremost, I thought I would share some of the most important tips and tricks I learned as a new player in my first month of playing to benefit any other new players picking up the game.

  • Prioritize Peace Shields – Gold is a critical resource that should be used as efficiently as possible. The main way to obtain Peace Shields (or as players call them, ‘Bubbles’) is by purchasing them with Gold. As a new player just starting out, Peace Shields are well-worth the investment for the survival of your Keep. If you have limited Peace Shields available, make sure to save them for Player vs Player (PvP) event weekends to defend yourself against other players! Also, remember to have the “Peace Shield Expiring in 1 Hour” notification turned on in your game settings so you can react accordingly. Early on I may have forgotten my shield expired in the middle of a PvP weekend, and let me just say it was not pretty…… 
  • Prioritize Stewardship Research Early – There are 5 different trees at the Maesters Tower where you can advance your research (Military, City Defense, Logistics, Economy, or Dragon) and progress your Kingdom. When I unlocked my Maester Tower, I decided to focus my attention on the Military tree above everything else. When you first begin playing, you’ll be spending the majority of your time gathering resources to grow your Keep and military as quickly as possible. By focusing on the Stewardship branches within the tree, you’ll be able to unlock additional March slots for your troops! With more march slots, you can gather more resources at a time and be able to better strategize for combat and reinforcement of your Keep.  
  • Invest in your Dragon – Another reason to prioritize Stewardship: the more creatures you kill, the more dragon feed (Livestock) you’re able to collect! Investing in a dragon, like any other pet, takes time and commitment, but doing so will prove to have great benefits over time. The first feed of the day is free and doesn’t require any materials, so even if you’re focusing your efforts elsewhere, remember to take advantage of the free feed!  Personally, I love my dragon and give it as much feed as I’m able to each day. Changing the body and eye color will cost you some Gold, but if you have the option of having a purple dragon, I think it’s at least worth considering. 

  • Weekly and Seasonal Caravans – I cannot overstate the importance of reading the Event Overview Guide! In the “Schedule of Events Overview” section, you’ll find what days different Special Resource Caravans populate the map. Knowing what Caravans appear throughout the week is crucial for gathering enough resources for your building upgrades and research goals. It took me some time to remember which days had which resources, but now I’m able to plan out my week to be as efficient as possible! No more waiting to upgrade my Watchtower because I forgot about Wood Gathering Wednesdays…… 
  • Stock up on Resources for Events – Continuing from my previous point, I highly recommend that you align your building upgrade and research goals with scheduled events. The rewards of almost anything you do in the game can be maximized by participating in them! Additionally, certain resources, like Dragon Lore, can primarily be gathered through events. For someone like me who wants to level up my precious fire-breathing warrior as fast as possible, it’s crucial I keep a look-out for Dragon-themed events like the Rise of Dragons. 
  • More Troops ≠ More Resource Collection – When you send troops to collect resources on the combat map, you want to collect as much as possible. However, just “sending more troops” doesn’t necessarily equate to a higher rate of collection. Depending on the Troop Load stats of the types of troops you send for gathering, sending more might not have a meaningful effect. Siege vehicles, like War Wagons and Battering Rams, have higher Troop Load stats than most other troop types, so I always make sure to use them for gathering-specific events like Strategic Terrain. Remember, you can see the amount your selected troops are able to gather from that resource farm, caravan, or Strategic Terrain node directly below your march formation buttons in your march screen. 
  • Keeping up with Upkeep – Until I read about it in this article, I thought losing food due to Upkeep was an unavoidable effect of forming a more powerful military. However, Upkeep will only pull from loose food above the protected level of your Storehouse. If the amount of loose food in your inventory (not including food in crates) is below the capacity protected by your Storehouse level, then no Upkeep will be subtracted until you have food above that number! Strike a good balance between gathering resources and using them for upgrades, and remember that if you’re opening Resource Boxes from your inventory, be careful only to open the ones you need. 
  • Understanding Stats – There are dozens of different buffs you can gain from research, equipment, armories, building enhancements, dragons, seats of power, heroes, and *breathes in* boost items. On top of that, each troop type has innate strengths and weaknesses, broken down into 8 stat categories. There’s a lot of factors to keep track of in maximizing your army’s power, and as a new player, I highly recommend reading through the Viewing and Understanding Statistics Guide for an in-depth look on how stats are calculated and how to get the most out of them. 
  • Pay attention to Battle Reports – Another important resource in understanding stats, specifically for combat, is analyzing your battle reports. At first, I didn’t pay attention to the details available in my reports; truth be told I didn’t know how- but it’s actually really simple! Tap the ‘View Details’ button on your Battle Report, and then tap the Stats tab to see a comparison of all combat statistics between you vs another player. With time you’ll start to notice which stats are powerful deciders of the outcome in battles, so you can look out for opportunities to build those stats through activities, like research and gear crafting! 
  • Join the Community – One of the best ways I’ve found for developing my skills is by learning directly from other players! In the GOTC Discord server, you can connect with thousands of passionate community members asking and answering all types of questions every day. Plus, you can keep on top of events and updates by checking the server’s #news channel, or by following one of the GOTC social pages like Facebook or Twitter!

Thank you for reading everyone! 

This post was incredibly fun to put together! I look forward to learning more and being part of the community.

If you have any tips or advice of your own for new players like me or suggestions for posts you’d like to see, give me a shout over on Discord!

~ Sitri