Farming Resources Guide

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Although the Game of Thrones is a game of war, war requires you to have ample provisions, fortifications, & weaponry to be effective. It needs careful planning and a lot of time and energy in preparation. Often wars are won and lost not on the battlefield but in the stomach!

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Types of Resources

Resources can be overwhelming if you’re unsure of what each is used for or how to obtain them. Getting a handle on what each task requires and where to find these materials can help streamline your experience building and growing your Keep. In this guide we’re going to start out with an overview of the resources that you need to care about, and then get into how to optimally farm them in the latter half.

Basic Resources

Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron are the most plentiful of resources but also used in almost every aspect of gameplay!

Basic Building Materials

Brick and Soldier Pine are available more often than Advanced Building Materials but also required more frequently.

Advanced Building Materials

Keystone, Valyrian Stone, Slate, & Marble are much rarer and only available through Event Rewards, Maester Expeditions, and special Recipes.

Basic Research Materials

Scholarly Fragmentsand Pale Steelare available more often than Advanced Research Materials but also required more frequently.

Advanced Research Materials

Red Gold Flake  is much rarer and only available through Event Rewards, Maester Expeditions, and special Recipes.

Basic Crafting Materials

A combination of different types are used in all Gear Crafting. They are more plentiful to farm but also used more often than Advanced Crafting Materials.

Advanced Crafting Materials

A specific material is required for each different set of gear and is used to craft every piece in that set. These have limited time frames in which they’re available so plan out what you need and stock up accordingly when the time comes!

Dragon Materials

Dragon LoreDragon Secretsand Fire Stoneare required for different aspects of Dragon rearing and research. For more info on these see our Dragon Talents and Research guide.

Types of Creatures

One of the first things you will notice on the in-game map is a plethora of animals, bandits, caravans, and other elements that you are able to attack. They generate randomly across the map with different levels spawning in different areas & if you are able to defeat them you reap the rewards of your battle. Knowing what each holds and the different benefits for winning a battle against them is a key component of gameplay.

Tip: These creatures are PvE so make sure your Gear is optimized for that when fighting them for maximum effect, as your Vs. Player buffs won’t work against them! Also, to determine a defeat or win you must have a “winning” battle report, which is determined by the survival rate of your troops vs your opponent’s, so Attack, Health & Defense will all contribute to your success!

Daily Creatures

The most common are the animals (coyotes, boars, bears, dire wolves, scorpions, & lions), and camps (bandits, militants, pirates, and mercenaries) that spawn every day constantly.

The Creatures range from levels 1-30 and include Basic Resources, Basic Crafting Materials, Steel, Speedups, and Dragon Food. The rewards vary in quality & quantity based on level & randomly drop more ample rewards every so often. During select events drop Advanced Crafting Materials as well. Keep an eye on the Events Window every day so that you can know in advance about upcoming activities such as Caravan and speciality crafting events.

Weekly Caravans

You will soon notice Special Resource Caravans populating the map on different days. Brick, Soldier Pine, Scholarly Fragments, and Pale Steel are generated each week for your farming needs! This is the most efficient way to get these resources which you will need for upgrading the buildings in your keep and helping your Maesters to research.

Like the Daily Creatures they also range from levels 1-30 and include Basic Resources & Basic Crafting Materials but will NOT give you Steel, Speedups, or Dragon Food.

Seasonal Crafting Caravans

About once a month you will see a special Caravan generating. These offer Advanced Crafting Materials according to the “Seasons” that Event Gear were introduced! You will see a Roman numeral on the van indicating which Season of gear these will drop at random. These are the only way outside of packs to obtain gear from previous events and are as such a hot commodity.

They range from levels 1-35 and also include Basic Crafting Materials & Steel.

You can plan out which gear you’d like to hunt for based on their Season, listed below for your easy reference!

Tip: These caravans also give higher levels of Prestige than all other creatures with the exception of Rally Creatures, so it is very beneficial to farm these if your goal is also increasing your House Level for better gear crafting! For more info on Prestige see our Player Progression guide.

Event Creatures

Whenever new gear is being released, a new wave of unique enemies sweep the map! The vanquished give its victors great rewards including Advanced Crafting Materials for the newly released gear set!

They range from levels 1-35 and include Basic Resources, Basic Crafting Materials, Steel, Speedups, and Dragon Food. The rewards vary in quality & quantity based on level and also drop special Event Materials for Recipes.

These creatures can be Elite which mean they take multiple hits depleting its Health bar, the last of which drops greater rewards. These are typically more difficult to defeat than their non-Elite counterparts.

Rally Event Creatures

Every so often in Westeros it comes time for a Great Hunt! During these events creatures spawn that are so difficult to take down they require you to Rally together with your teammates to defeat them!

The rewards and structure otherwise mimic the Event Creatures above. Each member in the winning rally takes home a full share of the rewards similar to any other creature.

Typically, each person in the rally should be strong enough to defeat that same level of Event Elite Creature on their own for a win. However, some with stronger troops are able to make up for weaker teammates, allowing them to hit higher level creatures for greater rewards than they would normally reap!

Tip: These creatures are by far the greatest amount of prestige gain available as of yet! For more info on Prestige see our Player Progression guide.

Farming Resource Tiles

You can gather resources and materials from resource tiles scattered through the map. This includes Food from Farms , Wood from Lumber Camps , Stone from Stone Quarries , Iron from Iron Mines , and even Gold from Gold Mines.

They range from levels 1-6 offering larger quantities at higher levels. It takes time to gather based on your troops’ speed and load vs the amount available. They deplete progressively with time when gathering so if you send your troops home early they will only bring home what they’ve gathered thus far. Troops cannot be attacked while gathering and once they’ve finished the tile will simply disappear and your troops will return home with the resources.

Tip: You can use the Map Finder button at the bottom left of the map view screen to search for resource tiles and creatures, but you cannot use it to search for Gold Mines. Those you must find by chance!

Tip: Each week there are days in which you gain additional resources for particular mats after fully depleting a tile! Pay attention to the Events Window to take advantage of these.

Maester Expeditions

A majority of the resources needed throughout the game can be gained through Maester Expeditions as well. These require hefty resource bills themselves but you may find yourself much more flush with some resources naturally than others and find these trades profitable! We will go further into detail on the functions of expeditions in coming guides.

Farming Other Players

Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron can also be raided from other players’ Keeps if you are strong enough! If you win your battle when attacking a Keep, you take home a portion of their unprotected resources. Keep in mind you will be facing their full defenses if their troops are at home and not in their Medical Tents, so be wary of potential losses before attempting this. Also be mindful that your soldiers will continue to eat up your excess Food as you continue to farm so use it wisely. For more info on attacking keeps see our PvP guide.