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    December Preview – Aegon’s Conquest

    In December, prepare for a full month of crafting in Aegon’s Conquest! Throughout the month, you’ll have the opportunity to craft all of the greatest Gear for your Armory sets and build up your Trinkets for your Trinket Armory collections!

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    October Preview – Old Nan’s Tales

    In October, gather ’round the hearth and listen in on Old Nan’s Tales! In addition to a brand new event arc, this month features Targaryen march pawns, White Walker avatars, and anniversary activities!

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    September Preview – House Stark

    In September, become part of House Stark in the latest event arc in Game of Thrones: Conquest! This month features the Northern Guardian gear set, Direwolf Statue Trinket, new march pawns, and more!

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    August Preview – The Dawn Age

    In August, experience the Dawn Age in the latest event series in Game of Thrones: Conquest. This month features the Crannogman Trapper gear set, the Kindled Pinecone trinket, the return of Iron Crowns, and more!

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