Game of Thrones: Conquest – Year In Review 2022

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Game of Thrones: Conquest has achieved a lot of milestones throughout 2022, both in and out of the game, and we’d like to take the time to recap these major moments before we move forward into the new year. This year introduced new in-game events, game modes, rewards, features, and quality-of-life improvements. It also gave us the opportunity to communicate and interact with the community in brand new ways such as our Discord Stages, video reels, and tournaments.

Let’s go down memory lane with all that has happened in 2022!

Discord Stage Live Shows

We hit the ground running during the start of 2022 when we announced that we would be hosting regularly scheduled Discord Stage live shows. We first did a trial-run of the show when we gave you an early preview of Battlegrounds in September 2021 using this new format. Due to its positive reception, we decided to host these shows on a more regular cadence, starting with the Discord Stage in February! To date, we have broadcasted 14 Discord Stages giving players a glimpse into behind-the-scenes development, upcoming features, and exclusive interviews.

While we’re currently on holiday break, we’ll be back with our next show around late January 2023!

Quality-of-Life Updates

We’ve implemented quite a few quality-of-life updates throughout 2022 that have helped streamline the gameplay experience and smoothed out tasks that you perform most frequently in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Most, if not all of these changes were done based your feedback!

Let’s review the most impactful changes that were introduced this past year:

  • Boost-Unlocked Resource Plots (including the Steel Foundry and Dragon Lore Excavation)
  • Creature Level and Coordinates implemented into the Rally Menu
  • Preset Builds
  • Gear Deconstruction

Since Gear Deconstruction’s release, nearly a million Wooden Bucket Helms have been deconstructed!

New Event: Breach At The Wall

While Breach At The Wall was first previewed in September 2021, the event was rebuilt from the ground up based on community feedback and was reintroduced in 2022.

In summary, Breach At The Wall is a PvE event that utilizes Resilient type creatures. These foes are a unique challenge- requiring you to acquire a specific March Item in order to attack them. You must defeat the Wights before you can face the White Walkers!

To date, Breach At The Wall is one of our most popular and beloved events and we look forward to creating new experiences for you all in the future!

Kingdom Lifecycle: Stake Your Claim

The latest stage of a kingdom’s lifecycle, known as Stake Your Claim, was first introduced in early 2022, however its investigation into creating such an event has been on-going for years. We knew that our eldest kingdoms had not merged in a while and further merges would actually create more problems than solutions. Thus, Stake Your Claim was born to give players agency into choosing which new kingdom they wished to migrate, creating a new landscape of kingdom politics, power dynamics, and rewards.

Here is a snippet of Product Manager Juce’s interview as he describes his role and how Stake Your Claim was developed:

April Fools – Battlegrounds: The Great Goose Chase

April 1st is a date where our community will always question our announcements. Our blog for the next iteration of Battlegrounds, titled The Great Goose Chase, was no different. “You can’t be serious?” you might have asked.

Of course, the Great Goose Chase was inspired by Battleground’s lead developer, Goose. We had a lot of fun brainstorming the concept for our April Fools joke which was filled with puns, references, and ridiculousness. When we came clean on our Discord Stage, players were relieved that the unboxed Food reward was not real. At least everyone had a good time using the Goose King emojis!

Battlegrounds: Titans of the North

Shortly after our April Fools gag, we revealed what we were actually working on, which was Battlegrounds: Titans of the North! This new battleground included an all-new creature type, a new reward system for the game mode, and other quality of life improvements.

We didn’t stop there. Based on your own feedback, Titans of the North continued to make iterations to its player cap, victory conditions, progressive requirements, and cooldowns. It also got its own exclusive hero reward in the form of Wun Wun!

New Feature: Hero Collection Actions

Earlier in the year, we wanted to add deeper gameplay and value into your existing catalog of Heroes. Thus, Hero Collection Actions were born! Hero Collection Actions (HCA) introduced a new resource called Influence which can be spent on different Hero Actions each day. The actions available to you depend on your Hero Collection Level, or how many Stars your Heroes have combined across your whole collection.

Want to get the most out of your Heroes? Make sure to check out our guide here!

War of the Eight Kingdoms

The War of the Eight Kingdoms was a huge milestone for Game of Thrones: Conquest as it was the very first tournament held for the game. We understood that 8 of our eldest kingdoms were patiently waiting for the development of Stake Your Claim to complete. As a result, we organized a single elimination KvK War For The Throne tournament for rewards, bragging rights, and ownership of the exclusive Tully March Pawn.

Along the way, the community was following the tournament play-by-plays in our Discord War Reports and player stories from the finalists. Who doesn’t love some friendly smack talk?

A huge congratulations goes to Kingdom 829 for winning the first tournament! We look forward to the action in future tournaments to come!

New Update: City Refresh

This year brought a whole new look and feel to Game of Thrones: Conquest with the City Refresh! In addition to introducing new visuals to your home city, City Refresh brought in a host of exciting updates, including:

  • Compelling and dynamic new visuals, including diverse, unique NPCs, and a consistent perspective and architecture throughout the city.
  • Optimized loading improvements thanks to modular buildings and textures.
  • Room for feature expansion, like dynamic lighting, landscape modifications, and more.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the rolling pigs! We promised that they would be transformed into your new 3D city.

Beasts of Old Valyria

In celebration of the series premier of House of the Dragon on HBO Max, Game of Thrones: Conquest had its own Dragon celebration with the Beasts of Old Valyria event arc. Over the course of 7 bi-weekly mini-arcs, we released a plethora of Dragon-themed rewards, including:

Dragon Rider Avatars

Dragon’s Dominion March Pawns

Banner Sigil Sets

Rhaegal “The Green Fury” Hero

Dragon Customization Sets

How surprised were you when we first revealed Dragonglass? We knew this was a highly requested color from our community!

Creature Spotlights

It’s easy to overlook the finer details of Game of Thrones: Conquest and our monthly creatures are no exception. Towards the end of this year, we began creating Creature Spotlight videos to showcase the awesome work of our Art Team. As we pointed out in our November Discord Stage, a lot of effort and consideration is put into the conception of each creature ranging from their theme, weapons, clothing materials, animations, sounds, and personality.

Speaking of personality, have you seen the Mad Fool from November?

5th Year Anniversary

Last, but not least, we have to acknowledge Game of Thrones: Conquest’s 5th Year Anniversary that just passed during October of this year! We reviewed such great milestones that happened in 2022, but we’ve come a long way since our initial launch in 2017 with new features, quality-of-life updates, heroes, gear sets, events, game modes, and so much more.

Since 2021, we’ve released:

  • 12 New Gear Sets & Armory Gear Collections
  • 12 New Trinkets & 4 Armory Trinket Collections
  • 30 Dragon Customizations, 7 Sigils, 2 Avatars, and 2 Pawns
  • 20 New Heroes
  • 12 New Creatures

Of course, the game wouldn’t be without our players. In conjunction with the culmination of our 5th Year Anniversary, we debuted our Player Interview series to bring the spotlight back to our community and to share the stories of our Player Council members, who are often our most seasoned players who’ve been with the game since the beginning.

Check out the first two interviews we’ve conducted thus far!

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s hard to believe we’ve had so many updates in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Just taking stock of all these changes is pretty amazing and we’re humbled our fans are here to enjoy it with us. We hope you stick around for 2023, we’ve got a ton of new things planned and can’t wait to share them!

If there’s anything you’re hoping to emerge in the new year, visit us on Discord and share your feedback!